Our firm can provide full legal support to pharmaceutical companies or companies engaging in related objects. Our legal services in this field include the following:

  • Support in the issue of the required permits by the National Organization for Medicines (“EOF”);
  • Support in obtaining price information and price lists from the Ministry of Commerce;
  • Compliance with the regulations and limitations governing the pharmaceutical market with regard to the commerce and promotion / advertising of medicines;
  • Protection of medicine patents and of the rights of pharmaceutical industries against the trade of generic medicines and vice versa;
  • Court representation in disputes with wholesalers with regard to the distribution of medicines and parallel trade;
  • Trademark and patent registration with regard to pharmaceutical products;
  • Support to pharmaceutical or similar enterprises in complying with the codes of ethics applied by EMEA, SFEE (Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies) and with other codes of conduct;
  • Setting up internal auditing procedures to identify any violations of the codes of ethics or any cases of corruption;
  • Drawing up co-marketing and co-promotion agreements for pharmaceutical products and interventional or non-interventional clinical research;
  • Crisis management support to prevent criminal or other liability