Our firm has great experience in the negotiation and execution of commercial contracts both between Greek and multi-national companies.

By way of indication:

Commercial agency and distribution contracts. Our firm has handled many cases involving commercial agency agreements in the pharmaceutical and medical/ technological field, in telecommunication services and equipment, in the offer of consumer goods, various services, technical equipment and many other types of products and services.

Franchising agreements. Our firm provides full legal support for the development of various  franchising networks with regard to fixed and mobile telephony products and services, dining and fast food products and services, garments and accessories, convenience stores, hair salon and spa chains, technical services and in many other sectors.

Our legal support includes consulting on the applicable legislation in Greece, the requirements of the Competition Commission, issue of the necessary administrative permits, execution of master agreements, submission thereof with the Ministry of Commerce, legal evaluation and control of the prospective franchisees, execution of the franchisor’s supporting agreements, leasing agreements and other similar fields.

Procurement contracts and service agreementsTypical examples of contracts executed by our firm: Procurement contracts, agreements for the installation and maintenance advanced multi-million telecommunication equipment for the development of fixed and mobile telephony networks; Procurement / installation and maintenance agreements with regard to software, medical /technological equipment, machinery, computers and numerous other products and services.

Public private partnerships for the concession of land, buildings and infrastructures for touristic development and provision of leisure and dining services.

Real estate purchase, lease and management contracts;

Business administration agreements, involving particularly hotel units, factories etc.;

Toll manufacturing agreements, co-marketing and co-promotion agreements with regard to medicines.